Tatenda is one of our Essex Abroad peer mentors who studied abroad in Australia in 2019/20. We asked Tatenda about her time in Australia and why she choose to study there…

Why did you choose to go to Australia?

A student standing in a rainforest in AustraliaI’ve wanted to go to Australia since I was in Primary school. Cheesy, but it’s definitely a childhood dream come true that I was almost giving up hope on until I applied for university and found out I could study abroad for a year

What was it like studying in a different country?

It was hard at first because you had to get out of the holiday mentality. But as time went on, it felt like a second home and I was up late studying with my friends as per usual.

What were the best moments from your time in Australia?

Without a doubt, my favourite part was meeting new friends! I can’t explain how lucky you feel to settle in so quickly and explore a country with people who are keen to show it all to you!

Studying abroad student in Australia with their friendWhat would your advice be to anyone considering studying in another country?

Get to know the culture of your chosen country a bit beforehand so you feel a bit more prepared, especially if you find you’re on your own at some points. How transport and the roads work, common customs, languages and dialect, nature and wildlife, cultures, traditions, things like that.

What was your favourite local meal whilst studying in Australia?

Cob loaf changed my life, please look it up. I have yet to make it back home in the UK but it’s tasty, it’s practical, and now it reminds me of another home!

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