• Internship Organisation: TT Education
  • Internship Role: Finance Assistant
  • Length of Internship: 10-weeks, then made permanent

I signed up with Essex Interns when I first started at University. At the end of my first year, I’d just finished a temporary role for the summer and when I received the email for this internship, I applied and got the job.

My perception of internships has changed as I thought they were unpaid as do a lot of my friends. When I started receiving the internship emails, I noticed they were all paid.

I’ve always had jobs in the past such as waitressing but had limited professional skills. This internship has given me those professional skills and has really helped my confidence; my telephone manner for example has really developed.

During my internship, I’ve been given a lot more than expected but not in a bad way! I never thought I’d do as much as I have; I’ve been dealing with invoicing, account management and calling debtors.

The impact of this internhip has been brilliant! I’ve gained a permanent, part time job that pairs up well with my degree as well as gaining professional experience while studying.

I would recommend Essex Interns to others and speak about my internship a lot and how it’s given me professional skills. This internship has given me experience for later in life, it’s really helped.