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Episode 26

Dr Danson Kimani and Professor Teerooven Soobaroyen from Essex Business School discuss business and the role of corporate governance in emerging economies. Particularly how different economies are developing their own approaches and how the economic crisis is exposing problems with the existing global system.

How can we find new processes, standards and principles to guide companies and fit the changing world.

Professor Jules Pretty explores with Dr Kimani and Professor Soobaroyen a wide range of issues from financial inclusion and microfinance to accounting best practices and governance.

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Dr Danson Kimani and Professor Teerooven Soobaroyen from Essex Business School write about new corporate governance that improves lives in our blog section

The Louder Than Words Podcast

Professor Jules Pretty has created the Louder than Words podcast to encourage difficult discussions, to offer a platform to people making a difference and to explain how you can take action on issues you care about.

This is the first podcast from the Centre for Public and Policy Engagement and was originally developed with CommsConsult. The latest series is being produced by Ali Walker from the University's Media Centre team.

The Louder Than Words Podcast shows how research delivers solutions to global problems, how we can improve people’s lives and how we can inspire people to take action now. Each episode of Louder Than Words will look at a key global issue or research challenge and give you a chance to hear from leading researchers, policy makers, thinkers and campaigners plus those directly affected by the issue.

Episodes have looked at climate change, migration, mental health, inequality, nature as therapy, the Warner Textile Archive, telecommunications pioneer Marconi, disasters and how we prepare for them, our planet and crop production and surveillance technology. Join us and subscribe to upcoming podcasts.