It’s not just Santa that gets stressed thinking about Christmas…
Away from the presents, mince pies, and tinsel the festive season can be far from fun for many families.
In a bid to help spread some festive cheer our psychology students have delved deep into what they have learnt across three years of study to try and spread some joy.
As we all get ready to join Chris Rea and drive home for Christmas here’s their top five tips to make the most of the celebrations.
  • Put the phone down- Though it’s tempting to post about your Christmas presents, going on social media can trigger envy and lower self-esteem.
    Focus on just enjoying the day instead of how many likes you get.

  • Emotional contagion - Emotions are contagious, so if the family environment is negative and moody, try and encourage activities that boost mood. The collective increase in positive emotions will simultaneously boost everyone’s emotions.

  • Secret Santa, more like Ninja Santa - Christmas is the time to give gifts, not only to friends and family but also strangers as well. Given that Santa is always hiding and we never see him, he can in fact be doing ninja acts of kindness. 
    So, come on everyone! Put your Christmas hats on and let's give presents to all people! And we can be sneaky like Santa in the process

  • Savour the season. Don't let Grinch steal your holiday! Practice savouring to prolong positive effects and enjoy experiences with your family. It's the most beautiful time of the year to capitalise and share it with your loved ones.

  • Spend time not money - Happiness doesn’t come easy (at least not the good kind) so make this Christmas special by spending time not money