Coming to Essex is a life-changing opportunity and, for many students, is only possible with the help of a scholarship. We couldn’t be more thankful to the alumni and partner organisations who support our scholarships and invest in the next generation of Essex graduates, future leaders and innovators who are eager to make their mark on the world.

Through our valued relationship with the Aziz Foundation, two Masters scholarships have been generously funded for exceptional British Muslims at Essex over the last two years. With the Foundation this year granting Preferred Partner status to Essex, we are pleased to announce that together, we are growing the partnership further to financially support up a further three British Muslim scholars to Essex every year. The Foundation wishes to raise aspirations and standards and facilitate better representation of British Muslim communities in civil society, particularly supporting individuals with career ambitions in Law, Media, Journalism and Policy. We are thankful to the Aziz Foundation for supporting Essex, our student scholars and our shared commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

It goes without saying that global collaboration has always been a priority for Essex, and with 40% of our student population coming from overseas, it’s never been more important to widen access to education to those around the world. 

Over the last five decades, we have built longstanding partnerships with many Latin American institutions, welcoming thousands of Latin American students to our campuses, with many going on to high level leadership and academic roles in their home countries. The inspiring paths taken by our Latin American graduates drives our commitment to ensuring Essex is accessible to those with potential. We recently secured partnerships with non-profit education foundations including ColFuturo, GuateFuturo, HonduFuturo, Instituto Ling and FUNED, to award partial postgraduate scholarships to Latin American students, making their dreams of an Essex education a reality.

 Such strategic partnerships give Essex the opportunity to offer talented and deserving students the opportunity to fulfil their potential and alleviate some of the financial constraints that may have otherwise limited their next steps, whilst supporting our partners’ own missions, whether improving the representation of minorities or simply investing in the next generation of decision-takers and change-makers.

To find out about supporting Essex scholarships as an individual, visit our webpage. If you would like to discuss creating your own Foundation or Corporate scholarship partnership, please get in touch.