As we approach the start of Autumn Term, we continue to monitor the circumstances in which students and staff will return to our campuses. The University developed a range of protection plans to enable us to adapt activities on our campuses in response to risk and to keep our staff and students safe and well.

The University’s Council has agreed to adopt a phased approach to return to campus during the early weeks of the autumn term. This means that, while all students will commence or return to study at the start of term, students will be invited to return to campuses (including access to some face-to-face teaching) in a phased way.

By phasing the return to campus and the re-introduction of face-to-face teaching we will be able to monitor the impact carefully, progressively increasing our campus numbers as we become confident it is safe to do so. If we find occurrences of COVID-19 infection increasing, we will be able to respond swiftly, by moving more teaching online. Our dual-delivery approach to the curriculum means that we will be able to deliver teaching and support student learning for all students throughout the Autumn Term, while we phase the return to face-to-face teaching.

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