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Annie Bird

Annie Bird, Santa Monica, United States - LLM International Human Rights Law

"The LLM International Human Rights Law at Essex is the ideal opportunity to expand your knowledge of the field and meet some amazing people. I heard all this before I came here but, I must say, graduate study at Essex has far surpassed my expectations.

One distinct advantage of Essex and the course is the community that it creates. The setting really lends itself to building relationships with your peers. Not only do we attend classes, talks and other academic functions together but because we all live near each other, we can get together socially too, which means we really get to know one another. You leave Essex not only with colleagues but friends from all over the world.

A second advantage is the breadth and depth of the teaching team. The opportunity to spend a term in conversation with some of the greatest minds in the field offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to gain a unique perspective on key debates in human rights - a chance that would be difficult to attain otherwise.

On a personal level, I have learned a great deal from the modules on Law of Armed Conflict, Refugee Law, Law of Peacekeeping and Criminal Law. What's more, the University offers a number of opportunities to apply knowledge outside of the classroom - representing Essex at the Jean-Pictet Competition of International Humanitarian Law was the highlight of my year. In addition, due to the selection of Essex for the UK-India Education Research Initiative on Democracy and Children's Rights, I am excited to be able to conduct research on the impact of this conflict on children in Kashmir this summer.

My time at Essex has been exciting and demanding, both academically and personally. The challenges have been well worth it, as I have left Essex feeling well equipped with skills for my future career. My year spent at Essex will be one I'll never forget."